Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ray Krone: The Real Killer Was Still on the Loose

While police and prosecutors focused on finding ways to convict Ray Krone of murdering Kim Anacona, there was something else going on: The real killer was still walking around freely. Luckily, the man suspected of killing Kim was arrested several days later on a molestation charge. But what if he hadn’t been?

Most of the attention of the police was set on Ray. The true killer, had he not been caught, could have committed numerous crimes while he roamed free of suspicion. The point here reflects back to the post on the police. Law enforcement officials and prosecutors need to do their best to keep an open mind until they are 100 percent certain they have the right person. When they don’t, it clouds their judgment and they become so caught up in the person they’re trying to convict that they disregard evidence that not only refutes their beliefs but also potentially points to another person.

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