Monday, April 23, 2012

Ray Krone: Police

When an individual is convinced of an idea, such as a homicide suspect, it may be hard to persuade the individual of anything other than what they already believe. This can be a dangerous for the wrongfully accused because the person investigating the crime may refuse to investigate other leads and may even ignore evidence that contradicts what they already believe.

This was prevalent during the investigation of Ray Krone. Despite evidence such as the bite marks not matching Ray’s or the shoe size found at the crime scene being a different size than Ray’s, those investigating the murder continued pursuit on Ray until he was convicted of the crime he didn’t commit.

This is a frightening concept. We as humans possess the ability to think freely, but once we set our minds on an idea it can become difficult to convince us otherwise. This is especially dangerous with law enforcement. The police investigating Ray Krone’s case were presented with numerous facts that disputed their claims that Ray raped and murdered Kim Anacona. Those investigating an incident and even the prosecutors working on a case must be as open minded as possible and not zero in on someone until they are 100 percent sure they are correct. 

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