Thursday, April 26, 2012

KDKA Talk Show Host Says PA Should Get Rid of Death Penalty

Wow! Conservative Pittsburgh talk radio host, KDKA's Robert Pratte just said live on air that if a legislator is brave enough to introduce a bill to abolish the death penalty in Pennsylvania, that he would support him. He said it several times. I think he means it and I couldn't agree more.

Rob's reasoning goes something like this: it's a waste of money and we shouldn't be wasting money on it at a time when important things, like education, are being cut from PA's budget. He says we can't shorten the appeals process and that he doesn't want to see an innocent person executed.

With the abolition of the death penalty in Connecticut, there are five states in five years that have abolished it. We're now at a total of 17 states without capital punishment. And there's more coming. I want to make sure that PA is one of the next to end this barbaric practice.

We can do this. We must.

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