Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ray Krone: Convicted Twice

When Ray Krone was first convicted of the rape and murder of Kim Anacona the evidence was weak. The prosecution relied mostly on bite marks found on the victim’s neck and breast, and because an “expert” claimed the bite marks matched those found on the victim.

After spending two years and eight months on death row, Ray was granted another trial, but was once again convicted of the same crime despite the fact that other experts disputed and disproved the original experts claims. However, the judge, who knew the bite mark evidence was weak, reduced Ray’s sentence to 46 years in prison (which was essentially life considering Ray was 35 years old at the time).

After spending 10 years in prison (2 years and 8 months on death row), Ray now walks free with his charges dismissed. There is, however, something to be said about Ray being falsely convicted two times.

If the United States justice system screwed up Ray’s case twice because of junk science, prosecutorial misconduct and other things, how many of the other 3,000 plus other death row inmates have also been falsely convicted? Ray’s story should serve as an example and should also raise the question, “Is it worth it?” Is it worth it to risk executing an innocent person? What purpose will lowering ourselves to murder serve in the end? The death penalty serves no purpose in our justice system other than a “justified” form of murder. It is a money eating, broken and immoral system that must be abolished.

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