Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Road Trip Ended Mid-Way


I was driving to SCI Rockview, just outside of State College, PA to attend a vigil for Terrance Williams who was scheduled for execution at 7PM. I've never been happier to have to turn around and return home so far into a road trip. When I answered my cell phone I was holding my breath and just said, "And?" I heard that the PA Supreme Court had upheld that stay of execution and that I could turn around and go home. I pulled over and just shook for a few minutes.

Now that I'm back home, and even before I start reading the news, I am writing to say thank you all for everything that you have been doing for Terry. I only know a tiny fraction of what you've been doing, but, I'm sure Terry appreciates every bit that you have done.

There will be more work ahead soon, both for Terry and for the two other men PA is trying to execute this year. For now, please take a few minutes to ponder how much difference we can make when we all work together on a task that seemed so unachievable.

Thank you all.


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