Monday, October 1, 2012

Put venom aside in Williams case

This letter from our friend, Phyllis Pautrat, appeared in today's Philadelphia Inquirer

I'm not sure why District Attorney Seth Williams seems so angry about the Terrance Williams case ("Making the case for Williams' execution," Sunday). His office has processed many cases involving adults sexually abusing children, children who took years to come to terms in any healthy way with being subjected to rape by an adult.

Terrance Williams was barely 18 years old when he committed his crimes. Some never are able to come to terms with abuse in any healthy way, and perhaps Williams is in that category. Credible experts have agreed that this abuse happened, and it happened while Williams was a child, the last time just months past the age that the U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled is acceptable for people to be executed.

The district attorney ought put his venomous words and thoughts aside, respect the possibility that Terrance Williams was brutalized as a child, and thus recommend that he be kept in prison but not executed.

Phyllis Pautrat, Mount Laurel,

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