Monday, October 1, 2012

Actions for Terrance Williams

Please review your options for taking actions in support of Terry Williams.

Rally Tuesday, 10/2/12 at the DA's office

Vigil at Rockview (the death house)  near State College Wednesday 10/3/12 and a 

Phone and twitter action tomorrow and Wednesday -- phone # & sample messages below

Remember that our goal here is to save Terry's life and all messages should focus on why Terry should be granted clemency, NOT on the death penalty in general. General anti-death penalty messages will hurt, not help, right now.   

Rally at Philadelphia DA’s office Tuesday, 10/2/12

12:30 PM  Gather in the downstairs of the Arch Street Methodist Church, 55 North Broad St., Philadelphia
for case update, introductions and instructions. 
If you are able to come earlier to help, we'll be there at 11:15 AM  making signs, etc.

1:15 PM Depart for the DA’s office -  (Juniper @ South Penn Square, by City Hall)  at approximately 1:15 PM. Speakers and chanting

Some people will be assembling outside of DA’s office at 11:30 AM, too. If you have a choice, I'd recommend coming to the church at 12:30 PM so we can march as a group. It's also dry inside the church.

Vigil at Rockview   Wednesday, 10/3/12

Gather at 5 PM and remain until approximately 8 PM. More info on exact location will be posted soon.

To volunteer extra time, ask questions, raise concerns, provide feedback:                  

Kathleen Lucas  717-781-4566
Julie Southwell, Field Organizer, Amnesty International USA  917-348-8439
Please leave one or both of us a message if we don’t answer.

Phone Action: Tuesday, 10/2/12 

Call  215-686-8000. You’ll get a voicemail menu. Select option 3 and leave your message.

Sample phone messages:

We in Pennsylvania should be especially sensitive to victims of childhood sexual abuse. How can your office punish Terry Williams for not speaking out sooner? He should spend his life in prison, not be executed.
DA Seth Williams has done so much to protect the rights of victims of all kinds of abuse.  I am shocked that he is pursuing the death sentence against Terrance Williams rather than pushing for a new fair sentencing trial phase.

The rape of a child is NOT the same as “taking advantage of him.” The DA should be ashamed of himself  for mischaracterizing it in that way. Don't deny that rape is rape. Terry Williams should not be executed. As a citizen, don't kill him in my name.

As a citizen, I'm asking that the DA stop the execution of Terrance Williams. Rape is rape!

Rape is rape and the DA knows it. Terrance Williams should not be executed.
Terrance Williams deserves clemency, not execution.
District Attorney Seth Williams, Shame on you! Rape is rape. Childhood rape victim Terrance Williams deserves clemency, not execution.
After prosecuting child rapists in Philadelphia, the District Attorney should know the trauma it causes the victims. Don't execute Terrance Williams.

Tweets for tomorrow
You’ll notice that the same tweets are directed to @Seth4DA and @   . The first one is the handle from his campaign and is still used widely. The second one goes to the DA’s office. Please use both version. Using the @sign at the beginning of a tweet means that it will show up in his inbox as a personal message as well as show up on twitter where others can see it. The link in the tweet is to the petition for clemency. We still want people to sign it because it goes to the Gov, the DA and the Board of Pardons.

@Seth4DA No "ghoulish glee?" Then grant #clemency to  #TerranceWilliams. Stop the #execution.

@Seth4DA Rape is rape and you know it. #Terrance Williams should not be executed. #clemency

@Seth4DA  #Terrance Williams deserves #clemency not #execution.

@Seth4DA You prosecuted child rapists & know the trauma it causes victims. Don't execute #TerranceWilliams

These will go to the DA’s office twitter account

@Philly_DAsOfc #TerranceWilliams deserves #clemency not #execution

@Philly_DAsOfc No "ghoulish glee?" Then grant #clemency to  #TerranceWilliams. Stop the #execution.

@Philly_DAsOfc Rape is rape and you know it. #Terrance Williams should not be executed.

@Philly_DAsOfc You prosecuted child rapists & know trauma of the victims. Don't execute #TerranceWilliams


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