Friday, September 28, 2012

Well That Was Fun While it lasted

The fun never stops.

In a mystifying move,  the District Attorneys' office just announced that it is going to appeal Judge Sarmina's grant of clemency and relief for Terry Williams. May I just say, personally,  

"Seriously guys? What ARE you thinking? You just got spanked by the judge for withholding evidence and now you want to get even more negative publicity about prosecution and police misconduct? You're in TIME OUT until you can explain why you're behaving this way and offer an appropriate apology. The mind boggles."

And Seth, aren't you running for DA again? Have you decided to change your line of work?

And another thing, THIS is how you spend our tax dollars while cutting funding to critical programs? The mind boggles.

End of personal rant. At least for now. Please do continue to ask even more people to sign petition for clemency here:


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