Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Great Letter to the Editor in Response to DA Seth Williams

September 25, 2012

Letters Editor
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Dear Editor:

As a citizen and a taxpayer, I am outraged that Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams should attempt to make a case for the execution of Terry Williams in the press (Philadelphia Inquirer, September 23).  Mr. Williams is a public official and an officer of the court.  The place for him to make his arguments is in court.  To abuse his position in such a fashion is to undermine the trust and credibility of his office, and to raise serious concerns about his fitness to lead it.

The Terry Williams case, involving as it does strong evidence of coerced and perjured testimony and prosecutorial misconduct, unfortunately fits the profile of much of what passed for "justice" in Philadelphia courts in the 1980s.  Many similar cases will soon come to term as Death Row prisoners exhaust their appeals.  Will Seth Williams contest each one?  If so, he will forfeit public confidence in himself and his office, and link himself to the abuses of a shameful past.


Robert Zaller

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