Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Terrance Williams had no chance for a normal life; don't kill him

After reading Frank P. Cervone's piece "The Weight of Child Abuse: Should a Killer's Horrific Childhood Matter in Deciding His Fate?" (Sept. 18 Perspectives), I am fully convinced that Terrance Williams' execution should not take place on Oct. 3. We have all read about the tragic and widespread sexual abuse of boys in our trusted institutions and by prominent individuals in the commonwealth. It is unacceptable that our state may execute another victim of this unspeakable crime.

 As said in the article, "Victims of child sexual abuse face a monumental crossroad in the decision to disclose their abuse. Some get help, heal their emotional wounds and get on with their lives. Others don't tell their story, sometimes for months, years or ever. Later, they might hurt themselves or others."
Unfortunately for Mr. Williams, he kept silent and killed his abusers. After reading about Mr. Williams' abusive upbringing and years of sexual abuse, it has become very clear that he never had a real chance at a normal life. Mr. Williams has committed terrible crimes; that's not a question. But he still deserves for the crimes committed against him to be taken into consideration.
Glenside, Montgomery County

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