Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Texas DA Calls for Reevaluation of Death Penalty

A district attorney in the state that leads all others in the number of people executed via the death penalty is now seeking a review of the system.

Craig Watkins, who has been serving as the DA of Dallas County since 2006, has garnered a reputation for resolving wrongful convictions using DNA evidence. The county has exonerated 27 inmates since 2001 (22 through DNA evidence), most of which were during Watkins’ tenure.

Now, Watkins wants the state to review the system to make sure they get everything right. In an interview with the Associated Press, Watkins said, “The conversation needs to be had about if we pursue (the death penalty) and when we pursue it, are we pursuing it against someone who actually committed the crime.”

This comes as somewhat of a surprise given Texas is the most active death penalty state. It could, however, be beneficial to all other states that still use the death penalty. If a death penalty titan state such as Texas can reform their system, surely the other states will follow.

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