Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beccaria Kickstarter: A Note from Aja Beech

Hello Friends,
I am so excited to say that Beccaria was accepted for a Kickstarter Fundraising opportunity- now to raise the funds! Below is a link to the project where donations can be made and some more information about Beccaria, a chapbook of art and poetry on the death penalty. Donations can start at $1- and every little bit helps. We need to raise $750. Please consider making a small donation and make sure to pass this on.
Beccaria is a chapbook of poetry which brings awareness to the death penalty in Pennsylvania. The chapbook is a compilation of the art and poetry of murder victims' family members, current death row inmates and exonerated death row prisoners. The first printing of the chapbook was funded through a Leeway Art and Change Grant. This project is to fund the second printing. The chapbook in its entirety can be viewed here.

The Leeway Foundation site states the intention of the chapbook "is to make a powerful artistic statement that could potentially encourage those that read it to consider whether the death penalty truly serves the needs of victims or the community at large."

Read a review of Beccaria here

Beccaria contributers:

Delbert Tibbs, David Keaton, Mary DeWitt, Reginald Lewis, Jan Williams, Devon Williams, Elizabeth Johnson, Hasan Shakur, Aja Beech


Aja Beech


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